Well...hello there! What is your name?


A Name is like a Belly Button

We all have one! A name is something we all have in common and is one of the first important things we are given when we are born. We have it for life, we are called by it daily and unless you are really unhappy with it, it will be forever engraved somewhere when we long pass. Have you ever wondered if you had a popular name? Maybe you don’t want to have a popular or more common name – you like being different with the name Cash or Bean. But there are those names that have certainly stuck over time. As you will see in the chart below, it will show the most popular names for male and females over the past five decades. Is this your name? If not, chances are you know someone by that name. Enjoy looking over time at the rise and fall or fall and rise of some of the most popular baby names.

The data used from this chart was found here: Baby Names from Social Security Card Applications-National Level Data.


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